Same-Sex Marriage


The Future of Family Law: Law and the Marriage Crisis in North America 2005

Policy Briefs

Same-Sex Marriage: Recent Trends in Public Opinion 4/29/05
Same-Sex Marriage: What Does The Next Generation Think? 11/23/04
1000 Federal Benefits of Marriage? An Analysis of the 1997 GAO Report 5/26/04
Same-Sex Unions and Divorce Risk: Data from Sweden 5/3/04
Do Mothers and Fathers Matter? The Social Science Evidence on Marriage and Child Well-Being 2/27/04
The Senate Marriage Debate: A Summary 8/3/04
Is DOMA Enough? An Analysis 7/12/04
Polls on Civil Unions iMAPP Public Opinion Round-Up 12/5/03
Polls on SSM iMAPP Public Opinion Round-Up 12/5/03

Weekly Standard

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Massachusetts vs. Marriage The Weekly Standard 12/1/03
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Senate Testimony

The Case for a Marriage Amendment 3/3/2004
Why Marriage Matters 9/4/2003


Massachusetts Governor Stands Up for Marriage, National Review Online 6/25/2004
An Ambiguous Amendment 3/29/04
Mass Compromise? 3/1/04
Splitting Up 12/8/03
The Divorce Thing 8/13/03
The Stakes 7/14/03

Law Journal Articles

(How) Will Gay Marriage Weaken Marriage as a Social Institution: A Reply to Andrew Koppelman University of St. Thomas Law Journal, Fall 2005, Volume 2 Number 1
Does Sex Make Babies? Marriage, Same-Sex Marriage and Legal Justifications for the Regulation of Intimacy in a Post-Lawrence World Quinnipiac Law Review (2004)
Do Moms and Dads Matter? Margins Law Journal (2004)
Rites, Rights and Social Institutions Notre Dame Journal of Law, Ethics and Public Policy (2004)
What is Marriage For? The Public Purposes of
Marriage Law
Louisiana Law Review (2002)